SEU research team published a review paper in Research and organized a special issue

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[Southeast University News Network, Aug. 3] (Correspondents: Zhao Han, Liu Zhongwen, Jiang Jie) Recently, Prof. Sun Litao and Prof. Ni Zhenhua from the research team concerning precise construction of two-dimensional materials, ranked among SEU’s top 10 scientific and technical issues, published a review paper titled “Defect Engineering in 2D Materials: Precise Manipulation and Improved Functionalities” in Research, an international high-level comprehensive journal. This paper was also selected as the cover paper of the special issue of “Nanofabrication of 1-2D Materials & Devices”.

In the paper, the authors reviewed the progress as achieved in the field of 2D material defect engineering in recent years, and introduced how to use a series of methods such as electron beam, plasma and chemical reaction, etc. to regulate the performance of 2D materials and apply them to diversified electronic and optoelectronic devices. Meanwhile, a high-resolution electron microscope can be adopted to observe in situ the formation and repair of defects as well as changes in the overall structure, thereby establishing a bridge between the defects and the material performances. Various defects are available in semiconductor materials, and these defects will greatly affect the material performances. The defect engineering, that is, regulating the material performances by changing the defects thereof, is expected to boost the development of high-performance semiconductor devices. Although considerable progress has been made in the field of 2D defect engineering in recent years, there are still many challenges to be solved urgently. This paper put forward the main challenges and solutions, e.g., although the atomic-scale defects can be directly observed by means of transmission electron microscope (TEM) or scanning tunneling microscope (STM), it is still not enough to enable such defects to directly affect the macroscopic performances of two-dimensional materials. Both the controllable introduction of uniformly-distributed defects and the study of defect-assisted ultrafast carrier dynamics will help establish a better relationship between the two, and will also play an important role in the development of high-performance 2D semiconductor devices.

The special issue was edited by Prof. Tao Li from the School of Materials Science and Engineering, engaged in the research team concerning “precise construction of two-dimensional materials” which is ranked among SEU’s top 10 scientific and technical issues, and Prof. Deji Akinewande from the University of Texas University Austin as the distinguished guest. Domestic and international well-known experts from China, the United States, Germany and Italy (including 5 academicians and outstanding young experts, and 6 highly-cited experts worldwide) have been invited to contribute papers with the topics covering the latest cutting-edge research hotspots such as the preparation of two-dimensional materials, electronic devices and sensors, etc.

Research was co-founded by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in 2018. As the first cooperative journal since its inception in 1880, it is operating on the platform of Science to display the scientific and technological development achievement made in China to the world and function as an important platform to promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and foreign high-level scientists. Academician Cui Tiejun and Prof. Tao Li from the School of Information Science and Engineering of SEU are serving as the editorial board member and the associate editor of the journal respectively.

The research team concerning “precise construction of two-dimensional materials”, ranked among SEU’s top 10 scientific and technical issues, has published a series of important achievements in high-level journals including Nature Nanotechnology, Chemical Society Reviews, Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Nano Energy, Nano Letters, JACS, Nature Communications, Laser & Photonics Reviews, etc.

Submitted by: School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Physics

(Edited by: Cong Jie, Reviewed by: Song Yechun)

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