“Dream Pool Mei’an” Guqin Appreciation Concert

By 吴婵Viewed 310 2020-06-10

Speaker: Liu Shanjiao (Vice Chairman of China’s Academy of Guqin, national-level successor of “Guqin Art · Mei’an Guqin School”)

Theme: Dream Pool Mei’an” Liu Shanjiao Guqin Appreciation Concert

Time: 19:00 p.m., June 6 (Saturday)

Platform: SEU faith open class on VZAN live streaming

Hosted by: SEU Committee of China Youth League, SEU Art Direction Center


Reasons for Recommendation:

Guqin music, with a history of 3000 years, has become an important part of Chinese traditional culture for its elegant phonology and profound heritage. Mei'an School which was formed in the Qing Dynasty features unique performance style with its unique regional cultural characteristics, beautiful and lingering, exaggerated and elegant. Liu Shanjiao, the famous Guqin master from Mei'an Guqin School will be invited to give a Guqin Appreciation Concert in the evening of the 118th Anniversary of Southeast University, sharing Chinese Guqin and traditional culture, and enabling SEU faculties and students to experience emotional communications across time and space in the melodious, solemn and quiet Guqin music. It will bring great audiovisual enjoyment to the audience.

About the performer:

Liu Shanjiao, born in October 1949, a native of Yancheng, Jiangsu Province, graduated from the Education Department of Nanjing Normal University. In June 2009, he was nominated by the Ministry of Culture as the national-level successor of “Guqin Art · Mei’an Guqin School”. He is currently serving as a member of Chinese Musicians Association, Vice Chairman of China’s Academy of Guqin, Managing Director of Guqin Committee of China Nationalities Orchestra Society, a member of Guqin Expert Committee of National Music Instrument Performance Art Level Grading Committee, a judge of National Guqin Competition and President of Zhenjiang Mengxi Guqin Club.

His several papers have been published in “Melody of Qin”, “Forum of Arts” and “Music Research”, and he has written for the large album ofpainting “Chinese Guqin Collection” and edited “Dream Pool Guqin Periodical”. His performance song titled “The Moaning at Chang Men Palace” was recorded by China Music Research Institute with the CD released by Taiwan Wind Records Company. “Wild Geese on the Sandbank” won the excellent program award as granted by local and municipal broadcasting station. In 1995, he was invited to Hongkong to participate in the “Concert of Performers from South and North China Gathering in Hongkong”, which achieved great success. In 1995, “China Guqin, Hundreds of Music Instruments, Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition”, which he served as Technical Director, was exhibited at Chengdu International Guqin Conference and Hongkong Cultural Center. This exhibition was highly praised by China Music Association and Xinhua News Agency Hongkong Branch. Besides, he once performed in Beijing Concert Hall, Shanghai Heyuan Hall, Hongkong City Hall, National People’s Political Consultative Conference Hall; he once participated in many concerts of famous Chinese Guqin masters, held symposium on “Chinese Guqin and Traditional Culture” and performed at many colleges and universities including Peking University, Jiangsu University, Nankai University, China Academy of Art,University of Hainan, Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University of the Arts, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology, etc. “JK Guqin with Imitation of Tang Dynasty Guqin”, in which he served as main researcher, was authenticated by Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Commission as a new scientific and technological product and won the gold medal in the “1st China Golden Technology and Product Expo” in 1994. In 1988, he produced a theme-based program titled “About Guqin” for the “World of Literature and Art” as broadcasted by Jiangsu People’s Broadcasting Station; in 1985, he contributed for the theme-based program titled “Inheriting Exploration, Making New Efforts” of “China Voice” as broadcasted by China National Radio; in 1998, the program titled “Cultural Time and Space” as broadcasted by Zhejiang Satellite TV produced a special report titled “Hear Mountain and Flowing Water Again” for him. His several students have been admitted by professionalcolleges of music. In 1992, his students won two first prizes and one second prize in Hangzhou Guqin Invitational Contest. In 1998, he was listed in “The Dictionary of Chinese Musicians”. Up to now, he has been engaged in many fields of Guqin performance, teaching, research, maintenance and appreciation. In 1989 and 2009, he won the Culture and Art Award as granted by Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Government.

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