Prof. Chen Shihua from Southeast University Published the Latest Research Achievement in Physical Review Letters

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[Southeast University News Network, March 26] (Correspondent: Chen Shihua) A few days ago, the top physical journal Physical Review Letters [Physical Review Letters 124, 113901 (2020)] published an article titled “Fundamental Peregrine Solitons of Ultrastrong Amplitude Enhancement through Self-Steepening in Vector Nonlinear Systems” composed by Professor Chen Shihua from the School of Physics, Southeast University.

From the “macro” perspective, our real world can be considered as many turbulent fields, where various interactions are intertwined; as a result, some unpredictable extreme events occur, such as heart attack, earthquake, stock market crash and epidemic outbreak, etc. The most typical case is the crazy dog waves in the deep ocean, which come and disappear like a monster in the deep ocean, and threaten the safety of passing cruises and drilling platforms now and then. It is exactly the potentially destructive and unpredictable nature of such extreme events that the research on rogue waves has attracted continuous attentions of more and more researchers (including military researchers), for example, the three-year MaxWave project initiated by EU as early as in 2000, the “Horizon 2020 Program” implemented recently that also focused on funding this field. Scientists have observed rogue waves in the fields of fluid dynamics, nonlinear optics, plasma physics, acoustics and atmospheric dynamics, etc. in succession.

In this paper, the author deepened his research on the anomalous characteristics and the basic generation mechanism of Peregrine solitons,the prototype of rogue waves after his publication in 2018 [refer to PRL 121, 104101 (2018)]. He pointed out that the peak-background ratio of anomalous Peregrine solitons can achieve super-strong increase under the condition of specified self-steepening media and parameter, as follows in the figure below.

That is to say, even a very weak noise background may generate a fundamental Peregrine anomalous wave with huge amplitude. This theoretical result has reinforced the universality and significance of Peregrine solitons, as the prototype of rogue waves. In addition, the author also proposed a feasible experiment concept that these abnormal Peregrine solitons are observable experimentally in the near future.

Southeast University is the paper’s first corresponding unit. Professor Chen Shihua is the first author and the corresponding author, and Dr. Pan Changchang is the second author. Collaborators include Professor Philippe Grelu from Bourgogne Franche-Comté University in France, Professor Fabio Baronio from the University of Brescia in Italy, and Professor Nail Akhmediev from Australian National University with the latter two as the co-corresponding authors. The above research was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

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Submitted by: the School of Physics

(Editor-in-charge: Li Zhen, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan)

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