Voice of International Student Volunteers: China, We're Together!

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The pneumonia epidemic caused by COVID-19 affects the hearts of people across the country. During the critical period when the people worked together to face the challenge of the epidemic, a group of international students on campus came forward and participated as volunteers in the school ’s fight against the epidemic. Dr. Hasan is one of them. During the winter vacation, he gave up the opportunity to spend time with his family and stayed as a volunteer who helped the international students , and make his own contribution to the school epidemic prevention and control.
The following is from his diary.

As recorded in his diary: on Jan. 21, 2020, something unusual happened which is still going on without any break more than a speed of light. the news of the most life-threatening–an unknown virus broke in Wuhan, China; and in no time, awareness about virus was released to the citizens nationwide on the daily basis.

In this unexpected situation, the university started to give us precautions about how not to be a victim of this virus by wearing mask and gloves and checking the temperature with the thermometer.

Meanwhile, the university exercised the closed management and we were kept as volunteers to guarantee that no stranger would enter the university without a student card. At the beginning, we didn’t get any favorable response from the students, who opposed this decision/rule and said that they felt nothing but just prisoners.However, we didn’t lose our hope and tried our very best to continue our work for keeping us safe.


In the whole course, I myself faced many problems, specifically, when I sent my pregnant wife to her homeland, most of the countries cancelled their international flights because of huge fear of this virus, as a result, she was stuck in different cities of china for more than 5 days. I was so worried about her.


As this situation was not in control, the university was totally locked down and we have to be quarantined. In the course, we carried out friendly communications and checked the temperature of the dormitory, guaranteed quality water and food to be provided to the students.


Further discussions were made and seven volunteers were screened to lead 7 groups at Sipailou campus, two volunteers in Dingjiaqiao campus and one volunteer in Jiulonghu campus.


He is the owner of Al-Jannat restaurant, a student of SEU. He cooperated and provided food to the students. He kept his restaurant open and enable his workers continuously working at this hard time even when the owner is in Afghanistan. In addition,managed and donated 20,000 masks to China embassy in Kabul.


With the help of the teachers, we managed to distribute the food from the restaurant to three main campuses. After this epidemic, some international students would leave the country, almost 5-6 students per day.

We as volunteers handled the situation and managed to deal with some supermarkets and started delivering supplies to the dorm gate. Their requirements were slowly fulfilled.


Soon the Valentine’s day was coming and I was hired to write an article about how this virus parted up many lovers and ruined their plans for this great day. My article was published and the university appreciated it and gave us chocolates for this special valentine’s day.


These are the volunteers from three campuses, who showed their unlimited support and helped me out from this situation


This is me, Dr. Mohammad Hasan from Afghanistan. I started my career from China and after finishing my bachelor’s studies, I applied with SEU to peruse my further education in Pediatrics. and I greatly appreciate my supervisor Prof. Jiangwho gave me an acceptance letter, enabling me to come to China and continue my studies as a master. Again I’d like to express my thanks to my university that selected me as an international students ambassador and volunteer.

Besides, other international student volunteers are also sending their supports via words:



At this hard time, it’s an honor to give a helping hand to my dorm fellows and university. We will overcome this situation soon together.

Yasir Khan: If we stand together, we will raise together because we are stronger together.  


Taha Hussein:

At this hard time, Chinese people are not alone. We stand with China and strongly support Wuhan, China. Stay strong China!



 Nowadays everyone is smart and beautiful. Distinguish yourself by being Kind. Be kind to all around you at this time of distress and chaos. We will win together...


Sami Iqbal:

Sometimes if you don’t know what’s your life worth, you should do volunteering and you shall find out life is all about giving. 


Jose Ramon:

This is my second time experiencing an outbreak. I believe that everyone's contribution is the key to winning this battle. Together we can!


Waqas Ahmed:

It’s the difficult time for all of us and only one thing that can beat it is patience. Thank you, Southeast University, for taking good care of all of us during this epidemic period. We will always stand with China

?Stay strong China, Stay strong Wuhan 



 Verily after tribulations comes relief ... The Chinese idiom, “How can one see the rainbow without experiencing storm?”, clearly indicate that trials and tribulations are only temporary, and joy will follow. 


As a human family, we are together with our Chinese brothers and sisters in this fight against the epidemic - and as the idiom states, we’ll all soon encounter the bright light of victory.

Stay strong China, Stay strong Wuhan!


Abdul Qadir Nawabi:

During the time of viral infection with the death toll still rapidly increasing, my Chinese friends need to know that we, people from the Afghan community, are thinking of them and praying for them during this time of crisis. We are waiting to hear positive news of health improvement and we are ready to commit our time.

Thank you China and Southeast University for giving us an excellent opportunity to serve people for the sake of humanity in the nCov-19 epidemic.


Tauseef Ahmad: 

In human history yet again, the year 2020 was welcomed with another infectious disease outbreak called COVID-19. The disease posed public health emergency of international concerns. At the meantime, I really appreciate and thank you the dedication of Chinese government, WHO, public health professionals, medical staff and all the frontline heroes. This is the time that we need to play our part to defeat this deadly disease. We have to do what we can! 

Stay strong China, Stay strong Wuhan 

Best wishes!


Shakeel Sarwar: 

It was a pleasure for me being a volunteer during this crucial time. We are standing with China. This viral outbreak will pass very soon because we believe in Chinese expertise. We also salute the courage of Chinese people and government who are dealing withthe situation in good way. In the end, I’d like to thank the College of International Students of Southeast University for their great care in the course. And also special thanks go to our dorm manager Mr. Jonson who really helped us a lot and has been always there for us.


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