College of International Students:Warm Reminding for All the International Students of SEU

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Dear International Students of SEU, 

In order to strengthen the control of the novel coronavirus spreading, SEU is making the best efforts under the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government. SEU has decided to postpone the start date of spring semester in 2020 and the new start date remains to be announced.

Students returning their home during the Spring Festival holiday MUST not return to school in advance without permission from SEU (Once permitted, you still need a self-medical isolation for two weeks after arrival). You are encouraged to pay close attention to the epidemic situation and take appropriate protective measures in accordance with relevant guidance and requirements. Please study and research at the place of your residence, do not party, do not organize or participate in activities with crowd.If you need to return back to SEU before the start date, you’re required to fill in the form( and get permission.

Students in Nanjing or in other cities in China are encouraged to stay at the place where you are right now,avoid intercity transportation, and book yourreturn ticketafter the announcement of the new start date. If you plan to return to your home country, you’re required tomake sure that you are healthy and apply to the College of International Students by filling in this online form ( On you way back home, please take appropriate protective measures.

Those international students who live the dorm must carry out self-protection according to the related instructions and regulations. Go out of the dorm only if necessary. Do not organize or participate in activities with crowd. Wash your hands often and go out with a mask. If you confront any difficulty in life, just contact your dorm manager or write an email to

Please pay close attention to your physical status, maintain healthy living habits and take effective self-protective measures. Please also arrange your self-study and life properly wherever you are. 

Please visit the public wechat accounts of Southeast University(SEU)and College of International Students, SEU for the updated information. Please keep connected with teachers and other students by mobile phone or email. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation! 

Wish you a wonderful and safe Spring Festival!

College of International Students

Southeast University

January, 2020 

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