SEU Story: Voice of an International Student in SEU: Stay Strong China!

By 吴婵Viewed 372 2020-02-17

I am Shah Faisal Khan from Pakistan, a Ph.D. candidate at Southeast University Nanjing living in China since 2015. Living in China for more than 4 years I feel China as my second home. There are many similarities between Chinese cultures with my country's culture. Since December 2019 the covid-19 infected many people in China and few other countries, as the spreading of the virus was noticed by the Chinese government they took the emergency response to combat against this virus and directed countrywide to not open schools, universities and different sectors until the control of this virus. The government directed to stay at home, don’t go to crowded places and don’t use public transportation. Defeating this virus is the responsibility of everyone to help and cooperate with the government of China and implement all instructions of hygiene which doctors and health institutions shared with everyone.During this epidemic war, many people left China because of fear and phobia but I decided to stay in China and support China. Our religion not permitting us to leave a place where there is an epidemic and do not enter to a place of epidemic as the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, If you get news of the outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it, and if it breaks out in a land in which you are, do not leave it.

China proved to the world that China is a peaceful and successful country. This is a very tough and critical time for China and I support China from the core of my heart. I am standing with Chinese in this critical situation and support China for its intensive action against this virus. China is in pain and struggling its best to defeat this epidemic war and China has the capability of success and will very soon defeat this virus. Those countries who spread hate to the world are now showing their racist face to the world against China. Being a foreigner living in China I want to tell to the world that stop your racism and stop rumors about China. I am a witness that China is doing its level best to defeat this virus. The government of China is protecting everyone’s life, our University especially the CIS office is 24h active and helping us. They are fulfilling our demands, they are bringing food for us to the dormitory and provided us masks for our health safety. Cheering up and fully cooperating with us even they locked their kids at homes and coming to help us and risking their own life for us. This is the love and peace spreading of the Chinese and government of China. I believe and trust that China will very soon win this war and will be more successful than before.

On behalf of all Pakistani’s living in China, I am fully confident that if China needs any volunteer help we all Pakistani’s are available to help China. My prayers and love for China. I am praying and sure that very soon this epidemic war will finish and life will come to a normal routine. Very soon we will see the smiling faces of Chinese and spring will come with new emotions and success. Together we will celebrate the happiness of success and will win this epidemic war.

Stay Strong China

Stay Strong Wuhan

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