Upcoming Lecture | Shi Xiaming——A Famous Kunqu Opera Artist’s Story of “The World Behind The Door”

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“SEU Freshman Cultural Season—Meet SEU2019” Series Top-Level Speeches 13

SpeakerShi Xiaming (the well-known Xiaoshengyoung male roleof Kunqu Opera, vice president of Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Theatre)

ThemeThe World Behind The Door”——The Beauty of Kunqu Opera’s Virtual Freehand

Time18:00, November 27, 2019 (Wednesday)

PlaceHumanities Lecture Hall (105 3rd Classroom Building)

Host byCommunist Youth League SEU Committee

Undertaken byYouth League Committee of School of Materials Science and Engineering, Youth League Committee of School of Electrical Engineering

Co-organized byThe Cultural Quality Education Center of SEU


About the speaker

National second-level actor of Kunqu Opera Theatre of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group. He specialized in Xiaosheng (young male role), once studied under Shi Xiaomei, Cai Zhengren, Yue Meiti, Wang Shiyu, Zhou Zhigang, Zhan Guozhi, Qian Zhenrong, Wang Bin, Cheng Min, etc., and worshiped Shi Xiaomei in 2011.

Representative repertoire: Peach Blossom Fan 1699, Nanke Meng, Dream of Red Mansions, Bai Luo Shan, The Jade Hairpin, Peach Blossom Fan, The Reminiscences Of Tung Hsiao-wan, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in Kunqu , West Wing to Remember, The Peony Pavilion the elite edition) , Six Records of Floating Life , Mei Lanfang · Mei Lang of the Year , etc.

        Main honors: Protagonist Award of the 23rd Shanghai White Magnolia Performing Arts Award, 2016 Young Talents of the Ministry of Culture of China, 4th Jiangsu Wenhua Award · Performance Award, etc.


Reasons for recommendation

Kunqu Opera owns the reputation of “the Mother of Chinese Opera” and has been named by UNESCO as one of the “Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity”. Numerous Kunqu opera masters are gathered in Nanjing, and there are rich Kunqu opera performances every year, so that this ancient opera will continue to renew its vitality in tradition and fashion, protection and inheritance. Shi Xiaming, who shined just after graduating at the age of 20, won countless opera fans with his unique and handsome appearance, round and transparent singing voice, and gentle and elegant qualifications. In this speech, he will lead everyone to experience the charm of the classic Chinese Kunqu opera through live explanations and personal demonstrations, and share his journey of living in the role, so that more young people can get close to, understand and love Kunqu opera.


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