Prof. Fei Qingguo’s team from Southeast University published research results in the world's top journal in aerospace industry

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[Southeast University News Network, Oct. 24] (Correspondent: He Dongze) Recently, Prof. Fei Qingguo’s team from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University published their research results of “Dynamic sensitivity analysis based on Sherman-Morrison-Woodbury formula” in the “AIAA Journal”. As the main publication of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), it is one of the most internationally influential journals in the aerospace industry. This is also the first time that our school has published paper in “AIAA Journal” as the first author and the correspondent author.

Prof. Fei Qingguo’s team proposed a frequency response function reanalysis method, which can greatly reduce the computational complexity and computational time of high-precision simulation analysis of aerospace structures, and significantly improve the analysis efficiency. In addition, as the method can consider multivariate parameter factors at the same time, it is of important engineering application values in complex aerospace structural optimization design and dynamic analysis.

The first author of this paper is Zhu Rui, a doctoral candidate. His research has been funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and Jiangsu Outstanding Youth Science Fund.

In addition, Prof. Fei Qingguo’s team has also achieved continuous progress in the field of high-frequency vibration response prediction of aircraft structures. In recent years, Prof. Fei Qingguo has achieved a series of research results in the field of aerospace mechanical dynamics. The team’s young teacher Li Yanbin et al. published papers continuously in top periodicals including “AIAA-Journal of Aircraft” and “AIAA-Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets”, etc., the journals of AIAA. It is both the first time that Southeastern University has published papers in related journals. The research results have been applied to a number of major national projects and granted a number of provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards.

Submitted by: the School of Mechanical Engineering

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