October 18th Speech: Director of Jinling Library, Professor Dong Qun: “Striving for Perfection”

By 吴婵Viewed 324 2017-10-19

When: 18:30, October 18 (Wednesday)


Where: J3-105


Theme: “Striving for Perfection”--An Analysis of SEU’s Motto


Speaker: Dong Qun (Director of Jinling Library, Professor of School of Humanities of Southeast University)


About the Speaker:

Dr. Dong Qun is a professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Humanities in SEU. He is also the director of Jinling Library, specially-appointed consultant of State Administration for Religious Affairs. His research fields include Chinese Buddhism, religious ethics, and Chinese philosophy.

Prof. Dong had taught Chinese ethics in “Classic Ethics Reading” for graduate students of Department of Philosophy. His works were published both in mainland of China and Taiwan. His publications focus on Buddhism and religious ethics. Prof. Dong recently finished his new book Research on Chinese Buddhist Ethics.


Recommend Reason:

Prof. Dong Qun is of high attainment in Buddhism, religious ethics and Chinese Philosophy. At the same time he devotes himself to theory research and practice exploration of liberal arts education. He also makes efforts to the promotion of traditional Chinese culture. His speeches are logic, humorous, and detailed.

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