Two Nobel Prize Winners Visited Southeast University

By 吴婵Viewed 909 2017-05-31

On May 24, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, professor John Michael Kosterlitz, visited Southeast University Jiulonghu campus, and gave an academic report under the title of “Topological Order and Defects,and PhaseTransitions in Two Dimensions”. The activity was co-sponsored by the School of Physics, International Cooperation Department, and School of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University.


Professor Kosterlitz talked about the significant moments in his scientific research course and the key factors of success. In question-and-answer section professor Kosterlitz had a heated discussion with the audience.


After the lecture, professor Kosterlitz had a colloquium with representatives from the School of Physics, School of Mechanical Engineering and Chien-Shiung Wu College. During the colloquium, he had a deep discussion with students on professional questions, and gave suggestions to their scientific research process. Professor Kosterlitz also inscribed for School of Physics. After the colloquium, Professor Kosterlitz visited the physics laboratory and the low-dimensional nano materials laboratory of School of Physics. He spoke highly of the experiment condition of Southeast University.


On the same day, the discoverer of graphene, winner of Nobel Prize of Physics, professor of the University of Manchester, Konstantin Novoselov, also visited Southeast University. He had a discussion with people from SEU on graphene research and future cooperation.

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