Southeast University and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd Signed Joint Training Agreement

By 吴婵Viewed 672 2017-05-23

On May 19, Southeast University and Excellence Program of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd signed the joint training agreement and the opening ceremony of the joint training base was held at the same time in Jiu Longhu Campus.SEU Secretary of the Party Committee Mr. Yi Hong unveiled the nameplate with Xu Wenwei, executive director of Huawei. Vice President Jin Baosheng and Sun Maolu, service president of Huawei signed the training agreement.


Mr. Yi Hong said that Huawei was a leading global solution provider of information and communication technology, and has been operating in more than 170 countries and regions. Southeast University and Huawei have lots of long-term friendly cooperation in personnel training and scientific research, involving a number of areas such as mobile communication, next-generation network, artificial intelligence, intelligent transportation and smart grid, and have obtained a number of landmark achievements. In the process of building world-class university and first-class discipline”, Southeast University continued to explore new models of production and research combination, and cooperated with the world-class enterprises. SEU and Huawei trained innovative talents together, which could take advantage of each others strengths, share information and produce a win-win situation. The high-tech advantage of Huawei could turn into quality teaching resources of Southeast University, effectively improving the teaching quality and level of relevant disciplines. And the school would give full play to the advantage of subjects and technologies, providing help for personnel training, independent innovation and scientific research of Huawei.


Mr. Xu Wenwei said that he was pleased to see his alma mater have achieved remarkable results in personnel training, scientific research and social services. Huawei attached great importance to cooperate with world-class universities in the areas of mobile communication, Internet of things, cloud computing and big data, and trained more innovative talents. Huawei and Southeast University would be a strong combination and could explore a new school-enterprise cooperation model together. This cooperation was also an opportunity for Huawei to create a new model of collaboration with universities and colleges. With the signing and opening ceremony as an opportunity, Huawei would further increase the strategic cooperation with Southeast University in all aspects, and provide help for the schools construction of world-class university and first-class discipline.


The ceremony was presided over by Sun Weifeng , Director of the Office of Academic Affairs. The leaders of relevant departments and schools also attended the above activites.

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