Vice President Zhou Youyong Delivered a Keynote Speech on Smart Court Construction

By 吴婵Viewed 806 2017-05-23

On May 17, the International Seminar on Smart Court Construction was held in Suzhou. Officials from the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, South Korea High Court, the Pakistan Peshawar High Court, the UN Development Programme, the Supreme Peoples Court and the intermediate and high courts around China attended the meeting. Zhou Youyong, vice president of Southeast University, was the only university representative who was invited and delivered a keynote speech. 

Mr. Zhou Youyong pointed out that the smart court was in the trend of the information construction of courts. It fully relied on the digital and networked courts, and made full use of big data, cold computing and artificial intelligence, in order to provide better service and build a new modern court. At present, the court system was in the main stage of smart court construction and would soon enter the perfect stage. In the next four years, courts at all levels could focus on the technical program of the smart court, and finish the goal of constructing a smart court in three steps.

The Supreme Peoples Court Information Center Director Xu Jianfeng, Jiangsu High Court Judicial Committee member Xiw Gowei and Suzhou Municipal Committee member, Politics and Law Committee Secretary Yu Xingnan made speeches. Director of UN Development Programme in China Wen Weijie delivered a speech by video. Officials from Bangladesh, South Korea and Pakistan respectively introduced the status quo of information construction of courts in their country. Officials from intermediate and high courts around China made speeches on their experiences and practices of the smart court construction. Participants also visited the Suzhou Intermediate Peoples Court and the information construction and its application of Suzhou Intellectual Property Court, and had a discussion of the problems and development direction of the smart court.

 SEU “Supreme People’s Court Judicial Big Data Research Base” has conducted fruitful research since its establishment in April 2016. That Mr. Zhou Youyong was invited to the seminar is a great proof of the base’s expanding influence. This meeting has provided a rare opportunity for the development of the base and is bound to promote the comprehensive development of the base’s relevant work.

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