The Youth Class of Chien-Shiung Wu College, SEU held the Coming-of-Age Ceremony

By 吴婵Viewed 1280 2017-05-15

On May 9th, 2014 Youth Class of Chien-Shiung Wu College, Southeast University, celebrated the coming-of-age ceremony in the square of student center. All the class members, students parents and teachers attended this ceremony.

Class teacher, course teachers and parent representative expressed their congratulations and blessing to the students. Student representative Guo Yiming expressed heartfelt thanks to parents and teachers through reading home letters. Cai Hanyang, on behalf of the students, dressed in Hanfu and finished the hair-do ceremony in the blessing of parents. Then the class secretary Zhang Wei led all the students to have a swearing-in ceremony. Dare to be pioneers for the times, be backbone of the country. The passionate oath showed the students understandings of growth. Its reported that the 2014 youth class is the first independent class of young gifted students after the school changed the youth class into intense training class in 1990. Students of the class entered the Chien-Shuing Wu college of Southeast University at the age of 15, and in the forthcoming senior year, they ushered in their coming-of-age ceremony, which was not only a review and summary of the past 18 years, but also expectation and blessing of the school and their parents.  

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