The Fifth “National Civil Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention Academic Forum” was Held in Nanjing

By 吴婵Viewed 607 2017-05-04

From April 24 to 25, co-hosted by the Chinese Society of Civil Engineers and Southeast University, the fifth National Civil Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention Academic Forum was held in Nanjing. Many school leaders, experts, scholars and representatives attend the meeting. For example, academician Zhang Guangjun, President of Southeast University, and other 18 academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering in the field of civil construction and water conservancy (Chen Houqun, Wang Jingquan, Jiang Huancheng, Cui Junzhi, Xie Lili, Zhang Chaoran, Zheng Jielian, Yang Xiumin, Ma Hongqi, Chen Zhengqing, Zheng Jianlong, Yang Yongbin, Du Yanliang, Wang Jianguo, Zhang Jianyun, Miao Changwen, Wang Chao), officers of the National Natural Science Foundation and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Party Secretary of Hehai University Mr Tang Hongwu, President of Shenzhen University Mr Li Qingquan.  The opening ceremony of the forum was chaired by academician Zhang Guangquan, chairman of the forum. Mr Zhang Guangjun, academician Zhou Fulin, director of the committee of the civil engineering,water conservancy and constructional engineering academic division of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Mr Liu Shijie, vice chairman and secretary general of Chinese Society of Civil Engineers, deliver an opening speech.


In his speech, Mr. Zhang Guangjun expressed his welcome and gratitude to present academicians, experts and scholars. He briefly introduced the development of Southeast University, especially the history and achievements of civil engineering, architecture and transportation. He expressed his sincere hope that this forum can contribute a lot to the rapid development of the subject of  civil engineering safety and disaster prevention in China, support the strategic innovation in strategic emerging industries and help the construction of national defense and national major project and Beautiful China program.


This forum lasted for two days. Scholars and experts will focus on the safety and disaster problem in  civil engineering construction, operation, custody. Academician Qin Shunquan, Miao Wenchang and Du Yanliang are co-chairmen of the forum. Academician Yang Xiumin, Zhou Fulin and Yang Yongbin made thematic reports. 39 experts of Thousands Talents Program, Cheung Kong scholars and winners of National Outstanding Young Natural Science Foundation and other well-known experts made special reports. These reports covered different research orientation of civil engineering like structure, disaster prevention, materials, bridges, rock-soil, municipal and water conservancy. The contents were rich and novel with great academic value. They are reliable scientific supports for national civil engineering construction and foundations of the rapid development of Chinese civil engineering.


Its reported that the National Civil Engineering Safety and Disaster Prevention Academic Forum was initiated by academician Yang Xiumin and the late academician lv Zhitao SEU. The forum is held every two years. And Southeast University has been holding the forum for five times.



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