SEU is Selected as Top 10 Universities of Innovation in Chinese Mainland

By 吴婵Viewed 969 2017-04-25

On April 19 at Beijing, Standard Ranking and Urwork jointly released the list of top 100 universities of innovation in Chinese Mainland in which Southeast University ranks 10.

The list of top 100 universities of innovation in Chinese Mainland is intended to select universities which promote the progress of new technology, the development of innovation, the transition of economic structure and the upgrade of industry. According to Standard Ranking Research Institute, different from those ranking lists based completely or partly on subjective investigations, this list adopts original data from authoritative organizations. It assesses the innovation of universities in terms of their research capacity, innovation potential, academic level, and platform building. The original data include the overall and per capita research funds for science and technology, the number of national technology prizes, granted patents, valid patents, national patent prizes, the amount of disciplines ranking among the first 1% of global ESI database, papers published on top international journals, Nature Index, the quantity of high-level talents, key disciplines, and the number of national students innovation and entrepreneurship training programs.

    The ten disciplines of engineering science, materials science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, clinical medicine, computer science, biology and biochemistry, pharmacology and toxicology, neuroscience and behavioral science rank among the first 1of global ESI database, in which engineering science ranks 45, and computer science ranks 65. During the past five years, SEU has won 17 national prizes for science and technology, ranking 7 among universities in China and the first in Jiangsu province. The number of granted patents remained the top 5 in China for many years. It ranked the first in Jangsu and the third nationwide in 2015. In 2016, the amount of research funding is over 2 billion, which ranks first among universities in Jiangsu.



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