Southeast University held the 2017 Postgraduate Commencement and Degree Conferment Ceremony

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In the morning of March 25, 2017 Postgraduate Commencement and Degree Conferment Ceremony, Southeast University, was held in the auditorium of Si Pailou Campus. Leaders of the university, President Mr. Yi Hong, Mr. Zhang Guangquan, Mr. Huang Dawei, Mr. Wu Gang, Mr. Jin Baosheng, Mr. Zhou Youyong, outstanding alumni representatives, the heads of main offices and party and government of all departments, teacher representatives, graduate students and families of graduate, attended the ceremony. Mr. Jin Baosheng, member of SEU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, vice president and dean of the graduate school, presided over the graduation commencement and degree conferment ceremony.  


In the commencement, Mr. Wu Gang read decisions of awarding graduates the doctorate and master degree approved by the Southeast University Academic Degree Evaluation Committee. There were 416 doctoral students who were awarded doctoral degrees of philosophy, economics, law, science, engineering, medicine, management, art and other disciplines. 427 postgraduate students were awarded master degrees of philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, science, engineering, management, art and other disciplines. 705 postgraduate students were awarded professional master degrees of education, translation, architecture, engineering, landscape architecture, clinical medicine, public health, business administration, public management, art and other disciplines.


Academician Zhang Guangjun, President and chairman of SEU Academic Degree Evaluation Committee, addressed a speech entitled Pursuing the lofty and keeping foot on the ground.Mr. Zhang, on behalf of schools party secretary Mr. Yi Hong and all the faculties, first expressed his congratulations to the postgraduates who received the doctoral degree and master degree, expressed his gratitude to the mentors and faculties who had cultivated these students, and sent his warm welcome to 140 graduates of SEU, Wuxi Branch and graduates families. He said, postgraduates, as an important part of the fate of SEU, was the fresh force of scientific and technological innovation, the devotees and witnesses of schools reform and development. They made great innovative research achievements at school, and took social responsibilities with their love and kindness. Their academic papers and wisdom had been combined into SEU 115-year history. Their works had made great contribution to the exploration of how to establish the schools international reputation and cultivate talents for the nation, and the pursuit of aiming at absolute perfection. These graduates had engaged in personnel training, discipline construction, scientific and technological innovation and other fields relevant to the development of SEU, and they had witnessed the great achievements of SEUers, through their concerted efforts and determination.


In his speech, Mr. Zhang pointed out that the young generation should devote themselves in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the bloom of youth glory, and dreamed big in the tide of popular entrepreneurship and innovation. He put forward three hopes. This first one was to pursue the lofty. The young talent of SEU was not only the main force of national innovation driven development strategy, but also the backbone of national revitalization. He hoped that the graduates did not forget the initial determination, stuck to pursue lofty causes, cultivated their official sensation and pursued the perfection. The youth were encouraged to combine their ideal into the pursuit of Chinese Dream -- the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. They were supposed to be the pioneer of innovation and reformation. The second was to maintain the mindfulness. Nowadays, the young generation was heading forward along with two centenary goals. They encountered the best opportunities as well as great pressure. He hoped that the graduates did not follow the crowd, and were not easily influenced by circumstances. Hope they were not impatient, and confused. Hope they dreamed big while poor, stayed humble while rich. Only when they really understood the meaning of leading a simple life will yield a clear mind, and having inner peace will help us see far, did they achieve much longer and more profound success and grow up. Last, practice was the best. Empty talks would lead the country astray and hard work can rejuvenate the nation. This was the answer and comment to the nations future. Students of SEU had a mindset of paying quietly, and merits of taking action instead of speaking. He hoped that all graduates always engaged themselves in practice, and maintained perseverance, grasped their own life direction and trajectory, being a practitioner and inheritor of striving for perfection.


Mr. Zhang said that graduates would soon leave school, becoming the new alumni who were about to join the waves of the times, and being the new scenery of the school. He looked forward that all graduates could achieve their dream and lead the future with their initiative determination and persistence, and took over the most sacred mission of constructing the nation with mental detachment, leaving the most poetic adventure, and achieved their self-fulfillment of making contribution to the Chinese Dream and human welfare. Finally, Mr. Zhang hoped that all the graduates wouldcontinue to care for and support the development of their alma mater and would contribute to the goal of constructing a world-class university.


Alumni representative, Mr. Zhang Yufeng, deputy chief engineer of JSTI Group Co. Ltd, and director of the state key laboratory of Bridge Safety and Health Nation, delivered a speech. Teacher representative, Professor Xue Feng, director of the School of Materials Science and Engineering, and student representative, degree winner, Wang Yiyun of the School of Management, also gave a speech in the commencement. 


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