SEU Faculties and Students celebrated the Spring Festival

By 吴婵Viewed 740 2017-02-13

On January 27, Chinese New Year's Eve, SEU Executive Vice Secretary Liu Bo, Vice Secretary Zheng Jiamao and Vice President Jin Baosheng, visited students of all nationalities who spent their Spring Festival in school, followed by officials from Office of Party Committee, Office of the President, Graduate School and Office of Student Affairs. They had an annual lunch on Sipailou Campus celebrating the Chinese New Year.

In the morning, school leaders and officials first came to the Dingjiaqiao campus to visit the Xinjiang minority students. Vice Secretary Liu Bo conveyed the holiday greetings from school leaders and faculties to the students, and wished them all good health and academic success in the new year. Then, the school leaders handed out lucky red envelopes and holiday gifts like the dining vouchers. The students also expressed their gratitude through ethnic songs and dances.

On Sipailou Campus, early in the morning, students who stayed at school during vacation happily started preparing dumpling wrappers and filling. At noon, Vice Secretary Liu Bo and other school leaders and officials arrived at the campus, making dumplings and welcoming the coming Chinese New Year with the students. They handed out red envelopes, holiday gifts and books with new year message which read that they sincerely wished all students made academic progress and won honor for the school in the new year. Later on, they had an annual lunch with students, and all students got a mobile phone top-up cards. School leaders advised the students to call home, sending blessings and reporting safety to their parents. They also suggested the students to deliver the message to their parents that the school would try its best to take good care of them, making them feel at home and spending a wonderful and joyful Spring Festival.

In order to allow students to spend a safe and peaceful holiday, in 2017 winter vacation, the school had announced a total of nearly 800,000 yuan subsidies -- the majority of which were trip subsidies -- and winter clothes that cost 100,000 yuan for financially difficult students. For the purpose of creating a warm family feeling, the school authorities also specially arranged undergraduates staying at school lived in the same apartment equipped with complete facilities, and eliminated utilities which reduced financial burdens of financially difficult students. Students also had their needs carefully looked after. At the same time, relevant departments also tried to create a strong festival atmosphere at every corner of the campus. For example, Spring Festival couplets and lucky characters had been affixed on each student apartment’s door. They also provided funds to the students to support their spontaneously organized recreational activities.

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