SEU Has 10 Disciplines Ranking Top 1% in the World ESI

By 吴婵Viewed 1315 2017-01-17

According to the latest ESI Discipline Ranking published in January 2017, SEU has one more discipline Neuroscience and Behavioral Science entering the worlds top 1% disciplines for the first time, which is another breakthrough for SEU since May 2016 when Pharmacology and Toxicology entered the top 1%. So far, there are 10 disciplines of SEU which have made it to the top 1% besides Neuroscience and Behavioral Science, and the other 9 disciplines are respectively Engineering Science, Computer Science, Material Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Clinical Pharmacy, Biology and Biochemistry, Pharmacology and Toxicology. Meanwhile, these disciplines rankings are steadily climbing up, among which Engineering Science ranks 45 and Computer Science ranks 66.


In recent years, during the process of constructing world-class university and world-class disciplines, SEU has closely followed the instruction of schools 13th Five Year Plan to optimize disciplines arrangement, strengthen flexible control and use Central Government Funds to focus on some key disciplines so that remarkable break-through can be made in some important fields and international influence and popularity can be improved. To date, SEU has witnessed some phased achievements.


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