SEU Received 43 Million Personal Donation from Alumnus

By 吴婵Viewed 583 2016-06-13

On June 6, a celebration conference was held for the 114th birthday of SEU. Alumnus Liu Guoyao and his wife donated 43 million for their alma mater, setting the highest private donation for SEU.  

Liu Guoyao came to Nanjing from Changzhou Wujin more more than 30 years ago, studying for eight years and working for 10 years in SEU. His wife, Hu Ximei was also a teacher in SEU. They met at the first year in SEU and fell in love. They have accompanied each other for more than thirty years.

“Among three of the most important opportunities in my life, two took place in SEU. One was being admitted to SEU, and the other was running business after leaving SEU.” Liu Guoyao said. Twenty years ago, holding the ideal of developing intelligent industry, the couple left SEU and founded their company.

After leaving SEU for so many years, Liu Guoyao's love towards his alma mater never fade. The 43 million donation included 30 million in cash, 11.5 million of laboratory equipment, 1 million for building automation system, as well as 500 thousand scholarship. He hoped to make efforts to improve scientific research for school and learning conditions for students.

(Source: Nanjing Daily)


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