Academicians?of?Chinese?Academy?of?Engineering Zhang Naitong and Huang Peikang Return to Alma Mater SEU

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On April 28, two academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering---famous expert in communication technology Zhang Naitong and famous expert in radar target character Huang Peikang were invited to go back to Jiulonghu Campus of SEU to take part in the “Academician back to alma mater” event, communicating with teachers and students. This event is jointly sponsored by Ministry of education of the People’s Republic of China for the next generation of working committee and the Chinese Academy of engineering scientific ethics construction committee, organized by Youth League committee and School of information science and Engineering, and assisted by Ministry of education of Southeast University for the next generation of working committee. More than 400 people attended the event, including deputy director of the Ministry of education of the People’s Republic of China for the next generation of working committee, former deputy general inspector Yang Guiren; Ministry of education, Deputy Secretary of education of the People’s Republic of China for the next generation of working committee Guan Yu Hong; deputy inspector of Chinese Academy of Engineering Bureau Wang Yuanjing; deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Southeast University Liu Bo and the responsible comrades of Youth League Committee, the cadres of the party, archives, information science and engineering as well as the representatives of faculty on behalf of every school. Before the event, Zheng Jiamao, the vice president of Southeast University, met with two fellow alumni. Accompanied by responsible comrade in the College of information science and engineering, the two academicians also came to visit the Wireless Valley of Jiangning Nanjing, and they held friendly discussion with the college teachers and students.




In the activity, deputy secretary and vice president Liu Bo expressed heartfelt thanks to two academicians for their back to his alma mater to share life experiences with young students on the behalf of Zhang Guangjun, the president of Southeast University. She said, Southeast University has always been concerned about the next generation of the Work Committee as an important force for the development of moral, intellectual, physical, esthetic and the overall development of Socialism with Chinese characteristics builders and successors.

Through recommending the retired veteran comrades as part-time instructors, teaching supervision and research supervision etc., the university helps them to play the positive role of guiding the education of young students, young teachers, and poor students and so on. She said, the two academicians are admirable masters of academic circle, hoping students to listen carefully, to learn from the two academicians to serve the country, to do research rigorously and be indifferent to fame and wealth, inheritance and carry forward the spirit of academicians, to realize the great course of ‘Chinese dream’ and the world first-class ‘SEU dream’.

The two academicians was studying in the same class and living in the same dormitory when they were young. And this year was the 60th anniversary of the graduation. They shared their college time and introduced their life choices and love for SEU with the attended faculty and students. Academician Zhang Naitong mentioned his belief to serve people and country when he graduated and encouraged the young generation to cultivate their character and learn to be a good person before learning to be a scholar. Academician Huang Peikang persuaded students to cherish the time in university to devote their strength for the prosperity of our nation.




It is reported that the “Academician back to alma mater” event is formally started from March, 24 Tsinghua University this year, and has been held in ten universities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other eight cities. SEU is the only university of Nanjing that holds this event.



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