Capture, Remote Sensing, Data Transmission: The Super “Giant Ant”Climbs On the Moon

By 吴婵Viewed 558 2016-04-28




Four long “skinny legs”,two long feelers, the black super “giant ant”is capable of many things: climbing the stairs, negotiating obstacles,capture, remote sensing, data transmission, you name it, he can do it! Recently, the “ant lunar rover” designed by several postgraduates had a stunning debut in the opening ceremony of 2016 SEU Student Technology Festival.


The second year postgraduate student Song Zimo from School of Instrument Science & Engineering told the journalist that this “giant ant” was designed by him and two other postgraduate students and it was a remote controlled robot, which was able to walk forward, climb the stairs, even negotiate obstacles. Last year they participated in the Lunar Rover Competition held by Joint Research Center for Deep Space Exploration affiliated to Ministry of Education and won the second prize with the idea and model of “ant lunar rover”, now they had it materialized and optimized. However, although the “ant” is versatile, Song also mentioned that it still needs to be put into more complex environment in order to become a real lunar rover. As a result, they plan to do further research in the sand.




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