Symposium: International Cooperation on Production Capacity under “One Belt, One Road”

By 吴婵Viewed 1296 2016-04-22



A symposium was held in SEU on April 16th, which was entitled “International Cooperation on Production Capacity under “One Belt, One Road”—Theoretical Innovation & Policy Study”.  Liu Bo,vice president and deputy party secretary of SEU,together with Professor Cui Hongwan, director of Institute of Economics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences were on the scene and made an address for the opening ceremony. Over 140 representatives attended the session.


During the conference, 5 professors gave excellent academic presentations on different perspectives of international production cooperation under the “One Belt, One Road” policy, the content contains “Theory and Practice: Global Value Chain & China Advance International Production Cooperation”, “One Belt, One Road and RMB Internationalisation”, “Several Theoretical Problems and Policy Selection on Supply-side Reform ”, “Openness and Policy Selection of Maritime Silk Road” and “International Personnel Training in Production Cooperation”.Besides, the delegates in three parallel sessions had heated discussions concerning the issue after the keynote speeches.


How to analyze, push and implement international production capacity in a reasonable way has become an urgent, realistic problem in China for long. The symposium is meaningful in that in helps the academia to deepen their thinking and understanding of the issue, and provides theoretical reference as well as policy guidance in carrying out international production capacity cooperation. Concurrently, it sets a high-end cooperative platform for SEU to have further development in Applied Economics.



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