February 29th,2016 Lecture: Science of Health Maintenance in Traditional Chinese Medicine

By 吴婵Viewed 388 2016-02-29

When: 18:30, February 29th (Monday)

Where: J3-105  JiulonghuCampus


Professor Guo Lizhong is the director and chief physician of TCM Internal Medicine Research Center, Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. He is the inheritor of TCM master Professor Zhou Zhongying.

About the Lecture:

Professor Guo Lizhong will illustrate the relationship between Traditional Chinese Culture and Science of Health Maintenance in TCM, and introduce three states of health preservation. The aim is to help the students know how to enhance physical strength, prevent diseases and prolong life.


Cultural Quality Education Center, SEU

Number: 52090217

Address: J6-200

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