February 25th, 2016 Lecture: Formalization of Brain Cognition

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When:    8:45 am. February 25th, 2016

Where:   Xin Hua Hall, Liu Yuan Hotel, Si Pailou Campus


Li Deyi, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and International Eurasian Academy of Sciences. He is the director-general of China Association for Artificial Intelligence, honorary director-general of China Association of Command and Control, director of Chinese cloud Computing Expert Committee, adjunct professor of Tsinghua University and National Defence University PLA China and doctoral supervisor. In recent years, he has developed brain-machine driving and become the first to achieve unmanned driving of cars and buses in the traffic line from Beijing to Tianjin and Zhengzhou to Kaifeng. 

About the Lecture:

 Brain cognition is an integrated cognition process of biological, social, natural and nurtural attributes. The speaker will probe into the form and statistical evolution of brain cognition and analyze different roles memory, calculation and interaction played in brain cognition from the perspective of neurology and physics. If the cognitive ability of certain problem domain in the brain could be formalized partially, it becomes possible for people to engage in the field using vision and auditory sense as a breakthrough point. It is meaningful to use machines to imitate the self-learning and skill accumulation process in the brain concerning safe driving and to simulate the perception, cognition, decision and behavior control of driving environment. Furthermore, the on-going intelligent steering trial can be used to penetrate into the universality of machine brain cognition formalization. 


 Research Center for Learning Science, SEU

 Key Laboratory of Child Development and Learning Science

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