The Opening Ceremony for Undergraduates was Held

By 系统管理员Viewed 618 2014-09-02

On the afternoon of September 1st, the Opening Ceremony for 2014 undergraduates of Southeast University was held in the gymnasium of Jiulonghu Campus. Nearly 4000 freshman students and a number of teachers attended the opening ceremony, including school leaders like Guo Guangyin, Yi Hong, Liu Jingnan, Lin Pinghua, Liu Bo, Zheng Jiamao, Shen Jiong, Wang Baoping, Ding Hui, Liu Hongjian; leaders of offices and departments. The degree awarding ceremony was hosted by Liu Bo, our Deputy Party Secretary and Vice President. Lv Zhitao, member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, together with preventative professors of Chang Jiang Scholars Program” were invited to the ceremony.

It is reported that 3947 students are enrolled into Southeast University in the year 2014, with 3480 of them enrolled in engineering related majors, 387 enrolled in literature related majors,and 80 enrolled in arts related majors.Among the students, 37 are from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, 248 are enrolled from independent student recruitment program, and 25 were born after the year 1999.

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