2014 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony was Held

By 系统管理员Viewed 530 2014-06-23

On the day of June 18th and morning of June 19th, three 2014 Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies were held respectively in the auditorium of Sipailou Campus and the Jiaotingbiao Theatre of Jiulonghu Campus.

A number of teachers and students attended this commencement, including school leaders like Guo Guangyin, Yi Hong, Hu Minqiang, Liu Jingnan, Lin Pinghua, Liu Bo, Zheng Jiamao, Wang Baoping, Huang Dawei, Liu Hongjian; leaders of offices and departments; teachers and 2014 graduates. The degree awarding ceremony was hosted by Liu Bo, our Deputy Party Chief and Vice President.

Yi Hong, President of the University, made a commencement address named “Learn to cherish and look forward to happiness”. On behalf of all the students and teachers, Yi expressed congratulations to the graduates and also brough up with pieces of advices. He wished the graduates to set up great ideals and abide by lofty characters; to be an earnest and down-to-earth person; to be willing to make progress and embrace challenges; and to protect and love their alma mater.

In the commencement, Professor Guo Guangyin, Secretary of Party Committee, Professor Yi Hong, President of the SEU and other members of academic degrees committee issued the degree certificates for the graduates and set the tassels straight for them.

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