2009 Internship Camp for Hong Kong College Students in Nanjing Opened in SEU

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On September 8th , 2009 Internship Camp for Hong Kong College Students in Nanjing Opened in SEU. Mr. Pu Yuepu, Vice president of SEU , attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Ms. Su Jingwen, senior student-career development manager of student affairs office from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Liu Yuquan, Director of Daxinggong Branch of Construction Bank of Nanjing, also make a speech in the ceremony. The Leaders of 14 famous cultural institutions, major banks and securities companies in Nanjing, 39 teachers and students from Hong Kong, more than 70 teacher and student representatives from Chengxian College of SEU attended the opening ceremony. 37 students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in this camp would spend 42 days in practical training, exchanging and interviewing in Nanjing from June 6th to July 18th .
Since 2003, SEU has successfully hosted 5 Nanjing internship programs for Hong Kong college students, which were widely and well received. Hong Kong Polytechnic University was the major organizer for this year’s internship program, which was undertaken by SEU in Nanjing. In order to promote this program, SEU selected 14 students to undertake the exchange task to further facilitate the communication and exchange between Hong Kong Polytechnic University and SEU.


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