SEU Basketball Team won 2nd Place in 2020 "Belt and Road" Youth Sports Exchange Week

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On November 21, the 2020 Belt and Road Youth Sports Exchange Week was officially launched in Nanjing. More than 200 international studentsstudying in Jiangsu from over 50 countries and regions of the Belt and Road signed up to participate in the exchange week of sports. This exchange week event was organized by Jiangsu Sports Bureau. The theme of the event is Sports ignites passion, youth and dreams. Work together to fight the epidemic and build a better tomorrow.

The opening ceremony of the Exchange Week was grandly held in the Wutaishan Gymnasium. Before the opening ceremony, colorful performance were staged by local and foreign students studying in Nanjing. Southeast University international students displayed a stunning performance at the opening ceremony. 


Sami Iqbal, a Ph.D. student from Pakistan at SEU, gave a speech at the opening ceremony as the representative of the international students studying in Nanjing. He expressed gratitude to the organizers and co-organizers for organizing such a wonderful sports exchange week and encouraged all the teams and players. He shared his understanding of The Belt and Road Initiative: “BRI is not only civil infrastructure and trade routes but it is an exchange of ideas, education, philosophy, history, culture, and sports to achieve common goals of prosperity and development.

Basketball Competition of 3x3 Teams

20 teams took part in the competition. SEU 3 basketball teams took part in 3x3 Basketball tournament. The 3 teams are named as (1) Bisons (2) Basket Hounds and (3) Fury. They got 2nd (Runner up), 10th and 13th positions, respectively in the overall basketball tournament. Students hope that SEU team can go a step further next year and win the tournament. 

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