Southeast University held 2020 first-half year high-level talent salon

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[Southeast University News Network, July 10] (Correspondent: Liao Nannan) In order to continuously deepen the work theme of the Talent Year, optimize the talent service environment, further strengthen the exchange and communication with high-level talents in the school, and create “SEU talent circle of friends” with joint efforts, SEU held 2020 first-half year “High-level Talent Salon” at Sipailou Campus on July 10 with nearly 60 high-level talents from the school present. Relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, Liu Pan, Vice President of Southeast University, and leaders of various functional departments of the school attended the event.

At the opening ceremony, Liu Pan delivered a welcome speech on behalf of SEU, expressing his welcome and gratitude to all leaders, distinguished guests and talents present in the meeting, and briefly introduced SEU’s status quo and development direction of talent introduction. As pointed out by him, 2020 is SEU’s third consecutive “Talent Year”. At the moment of regularized epidemic prevention and control, SEU has coordinated and done well in talent service in a comprehensive manner, and has thus achieved remarkable results in talent introduction in the first half year of 2020 through “Overseas Video Job Fair” and “Cloud Micro Forum”. Besides, the school has thoroughly implemented the Ministry of Education’s spirit of strengthening the medical care of high-level talents, considered the service for high-level talents’ physical and mental health as the starting point, and guided high-level talents to adhere to the original mission of morality establishment and talent cultivation. He said that SEU would continue to be based in Jiangsu Province and vigorously cultivate leading talents highlighting patriotism and international vision, who can lead the future and benefit mankind.

Li Binglong, Deputy Director of the Talent Work Division of the Organization Department of CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee, briefly introduced the development process and the status quo of talent work in Jiangsu Province, and also affirmed SEU’s efforts in high-level talent service in terms of form, theme and platform, etc. He said that talent should be the most powerful momentum for Jiangsu’s development. All departments would continue to implement policies regarding physical examination, children’s education, spouse employment, etc. to provide the strongest guarantee for the talent’s development.

Huang Yingzi, Deputy Dean of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, shared her journey of leading the critically ill team to assist Hubei Province regarding her understanding in the fight against the epidemic, and described her feelings and affections in the course of guiding the treatment of and treating critically ill patients as the leader of the expert medical treatment team from Jiangsu Province for supporting Huangshi medical team. She said, “I don’t regret choosing to be a doctor, and I am proud of being able to participate in the “battle”, and I feel extremely proud of being a CPC member and a Chinese.”

After the opening ceremony, special guests gave theme-based lectures. Director Ren Liqun from the Department of Geriatrics of Zhongda Hospital gave a lecture on “Heart Health, Dreaming and Voyage-Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular Risk Factors”; Director Qu Liuxin from the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine gave a lecture on “Cervical Spondylosis Prevention and Exercise”; Director Liu Wenge from the Emergency Department gave a lecture on “Prevention and First Aid of Sudden Death”, and Head Nurse Hui Xiaofang from the Emergency Department gave on-site guidance on “CPR Demonstration”. The wonderful academic speeches and on-site demonstrations attracted experts and scholars present at the conference with enthusiastic response and active participation.

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(Edited and issued by: Li Xiaonan)

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