Southeast University Convened 2020 Commencement Ceremony

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  [Southeast University News Network, June 19] (Reporter: Dong Xuan; photographer: Hang Tian) On the afternoon of June 19, the 2020 Commencement Ceremony kicked off at the Jiulonghu Campus. Due to the impact of COVID-19, the commencement was on the scene and broadcasted online too. More than 500 undergraduates, graduates and doctoral graduates participated in the ceremony, and the remaining graduates could watch the “virtual ceremony” by scanning two-dimensional code and through Southeast University Weibo live broadcast. School leaders including Zuo Wei, Zhang Guangjun, Wang Baoping, Zheng Jiamao, Ding Hui, Huang Dawei, Jin Baosheng, Liu Pan, comrades of relevant departments, and representatives of teachers and 2020 graduates attended the ceremony. It was presided over by Zheng Jiamao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southeast University.

        The 2020 Commencement Ceremony began in the solemn national anthem. Jin Baosheng, Vice-Chairman and Vice-Chancellor of the School Degree Appraisal Committee announced the degree-awarding decision.

        President Zhang Guangjun gave a speech titled “Breaking Through the Current Difficulties to Win the Future”, expressing warm congratulations to the 2020 undergraduates and graduate students, and sincere gratitude to the supervisors and faculty and staff, and he also extended his cordial greetings to graduates who could not come to the ceremony because of the epidemic. Zhang Guangjun said that the end of SEU life is not only an untiring youth, but also a journey engraved in mind. Looking back on the past few years, from the moment of entering SEU, our SEUers insisted on diligent reading and scientific research, joined hands to grow, wrote beautiful stories, met the extraordinary selves, and became inscribed memory of SEU. He pointed out that the epidemic is a big test for the school, it is also an additional test for our students, because everyone has gained a different learning experience and growth perception. He expressed special gratitude to SEUers for fighting the epidemic together with the school in the last semester, meeting difficulties and helping each other.

        In order to enable SEUers to better fight for the new era and grasp the new journey, Zhang Guangjun put forward three hopes: First, to fear life and overcome difficulties together, and he hoped that students would have a firm people’s position, adhere to the supremacy of life and people, and respect and cherish life. Also, this great spirit, together with the special experience of overcoming difficulties with the school should be integrated into the future struggle journey, to achieve great life with love and goodness. Second, to uphold the truth and innovate to serve the country. He hoped that students would continue to pursue the spirit of SEU, undertake the mission of innovation, strive to overcome key core technologies, be brave to climb the peak of science and technology, and strive to be the leader of innovating the country. Third, to win the future and strive for perfection. He hoped our SEUers would stick to the great ambition to win the future, take “Strive for Perfection” as a lifelong pursuit, and continue to devote to the great cause of the new era.

        Zhang Guangjun marked that today’s ceremony is not only the last lesson of the students’ life in SEU, but also the starting point of their struggle journey. At this moment, we are in the same boat together and overcome the difficulties; facing the future, we still have a long way to go and have to take up the responsibilities.

        Graduates were expected to keep SEU in mind wherever they are, and SEU will always be open to them. Zhang also expected that SEUers leading the future and benefiting mankind will be able to interact with the dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the “1-10-100” SEU dream. In the end, Zhang Guangjun wished SEUers to forge ahead in the future life, and continue to write a brilliant chapter to win the future!

        At the ceremony, Ma Xiuxing, Director and Executive Vice President of LETS Group delivered a video speech as a distinguished alumni representative and sent sincere farewell to our graduates. Prof. Jiang Weixiang, from School of Information Science and Engineering extended his feelings as a teacher representative. Wang Zuo, a PHD graduate from School of Automation, spoke as a graduate representative and expressed his parting speech.

        The school leaders attending the ceremony issued certificates for the representatives of the 2020 outstanding graduates and the representatives of the 22nd postgraduate aid education team. At the ceremony, Zhang Guangjun, Chairman of the School’s Degree Evaluation Committee and President, turned the tassel and gave degree certificate for graduate representatives, and they finally took a group photo.

        “The new world is changing, and it is leading the way”, the 2020 commencement ceremony ended in the school song, and farewell to all graduates.

        It is reported that in 2020, a total of 3929 undergraduates received their bachelor’s degrees, 3405 masters received master’s degrees and 533 doctoral students received their PhD degrees.

                                                                              (Editor-in-charge: Cong Jie, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)

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