Southeast University convened the 118th anniversary celebration activities

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[Southeast University News Network, June 6] (Correspondent: Dong Xuan, photographer: Hang Tian) The campus in June is vibrant. On June 6, Southeast University ushered in its 118th birthday.

At 7:40 a.m. in the morning, as a whistle sounded, “Go Running, My Youth SEU” marathon started in batches at Jiulonghu Campus, which unveiled the 118th anniversary celebration of SEU.

At 9:40 a.m. in the morning, the 118th Cloud Anniversary of SEU was convened at the lecture hall of Jizhong Building of Jiulonghu Campus and broadcasted live globally for the first time via,, Bilibili, Tik Tok, Kwai, SEU networks and SEU official WeChat. SEU faculties, students and alumni all over the world gathered on the cloud to celebrate the event together. SEU leaders, representatives of SEU medical staff engaged in the frontline of epidemic treatment, representatives of faculties and students attended the event.  

Zuo Wei, Secretary of the Party Committee of SEU, expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders at all levels, the friends from all walks of life and the alumni both at home and abroad who have cared for and supported the development of SEU for many years, and extended his festival congratulations to all faculties and students.  

President Zhang Guangjun made a report titled “conquer the difficulties and advance forward”. In his speech, he expressed his sincerest gratitude to the leaders at all levels and thefriends from all walks of life who have cared for, supported and helped the school’s development for a long time, Meanwhile, President Zhang extended festival greetings and heartfelt wishes to all faculties and students, retired leaders and elderly comrades, as well as a vast number of alumni both at home and abroad. He briefly reviewed the school’s 118 years of school-running and pointed out that SEUers have always been adhering to serving the country, taking on the national undertakings, standing upright, achieving the mission, sharing a common destiny with the country and keeping the same pace with the times whenever the country and the nation is in crisis from the beginning of the last century when the school was established to explore the way of survival to the continuation of Chinese culture in the War of Resistance, from the early period of time after the P. R. C. was founded and efforts were made to serve industrial development, to the tide of reform and opening up afterwards.

Zhang Guangjun pointed out that we should actively respond to the call of building a powerful country of education and an internationally powerful country of science and technology in the new era, identify SEU’s “1-10-100” vision, accelerate the construction of a “double first-class” university and achieve the connotative development through reshaping goals, deepening reform, stimulating vitality and leading development. Since the beginning of this year, all faculties and students of the school, in front of the severe challenges as brought about by COVID-19, have worked together to forge ahead, earnestly implemented the spirit of series of important instructions made by General Secretary Xi Jinping, firmly implemented the work plan prepared by the Party Central Committee and the provinces and cities, put the life safety and physical health in the first place, considered the morality and talent cultivation as the first mission, deemed the work of epidemic prevention and control as well as the students’ return to school as political assignments for rigorous implementation so as to minimize the negative impacts as brought about by the epidemic. It can be said that the past year has witnessed the interwoven progressof epidemic prevention and control, and reform and development. It was destined to be an extraordinary year.

As emphasized by Zhang Guangjun, the epidemic prevention and control have accessed the regular basis, and the whole country is confronted with extremely difficult development assignments. Meanwhile, SEU is also facing with many challenges in the conclusion of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” and the construction of a “double first-class” university. As he said, in the face of severe challenges, we should take Xi Jinping’s socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era as the guide, consolidate and expand the educational achievements with the theme of “never forgetting the original intention and keeping in mind the mission”, continue to deepen the work theme in the “Talent Year” and focus on “fighting against the epidemic, promoting reform and achieving implementation”, and strive to turn crises into opportunities and initiate a new beginning. To this end, we’ll continue to forge ahead from the following three perspectives in a solid manner: first of all, we should keep prudent as always, conquer difficulties, implement epidemic prevention and control unswervingly; secondly, we should adhere to the goals, innovate in the modes, and firmly promote the “double first-class” construction and connotative development; thirdly, we should plan ahead, make overall layout and prepare for the development plan of the “14th Five-Year” cause.

Finally, Zhang Guangjun stated the significance of shouldering responsibility in difficulties. The 118-year history of SEU and its persistent pursuit of perfection have best represented SEUers’ confidence, tenacity and determination of conquering difficulties with joint efforts. At a time when the country and the nation were severely challenged by the epidemic, SEU felt duty-bound and a sense of glorious mission. Let us join hands to work hard and forge ahead for the early victory over the epidemic and the realization of the “two-centennial goals”.

In this battle against the epidemic, SEU has dispatched 22 medical staff in 11 successive batches for assisting the epidemic-stricken cities, as represented by Qiu Haibo’s team from Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to SEU. They fought at the front line in Wuhan City, Huangshi City, Jiangsu Province, Heilongjiang Province and Jilin Province to make the due “SEU’s contribution” to the epidemic treatment. During the ceremony, student representatives presented fresh flowers to the anti-epidemic medical representatives of Zhongda Hospital.

Prof. Qiu Haibo, a member of the expert team of the central government team, a member of the expert team of National Health Commission, “Jiangsu Model of the Times”, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and Secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to SEU; Zheng Ruiqiang, the alumni representative, known as one of the “eight immortals for curing severely-ill patients”, an expert of National Health Commission, Vice President of Northern Jiangsu People’s Hospital; and Zhu Fengcai, an alumnus graduated in 1990 from the School of Public Health and a part-time professor of SEU, introduced the anti-epidemic situation through video or call, and wished their alma mater a happy birthday. Students from the temporary party branch of Wuhan shared a piece of recorded vlog on the cloud, expressing their best wishes for the anniversary celebration. The medical staff still fighting in the front line, representatives of retired old teachers, students from all over the country, teachers and students still overseas for exchange programs, international students on the campus and alumni from all over the world... all sent their blessings on the cloud.

Finally, all the faculties and students stood up to sing the school song together and celebrated the 118th birthday of Southeast University with SEUers all over the world.

(Editor-in-charge: Wu Hanyu, reviewed by: Song Xiaoyan)


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