The Long March 5B carrier rocket made its first successful flight, Southeast University alumni Hu Xudong took the “01” Commander

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[Southeast University News Network, May 6] (Correspondent: Tang Tang) “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Ignite!” At 18:00 on May 5, accompanied by a command from Hu Xudong, an SEU alumnus of the “80s” and the “01” Commander of Long March 5B carrier rocket, the rocket took off at Hainan Wenchang Space Launch Site. After 488 seconds, the dispatch password was announced in the hall and the cabin assembly entered the predetermined orbit accurately. This launch achieved a complete success.

Hu Xudong, graduated from the School of Energy and Environment, Southeast University in 2003, and is currently serving Wenchang Launching Station as the Assistant Station Master. During his studies at SEU, Hu Xudong achieved excellent results and outstanding performance. Prior to this launch, he once served as the “01” Commander of the first flight mission of BD-2, FY-2 and Long March 5 carrier rockets. In the latest three years since the first time when he served as the “01” Commander, he rushed against the time to replay the mission and search for various hidden troubles. The tough waiting and perseverance for 1038 days finally ushered the successful launch. Hu Xudong has deep affections for his alma mater, and is particularly concerned about the development of his alma mater and the growth of younger fellows. Despite his busy schedule, he returned to SEU many times to communicate with “90s” and “00s” students, encouraging them to study hard and serve the country.

Teachers and students of SEU all felt very excited when hearing about the success launch of Long March 5B carrier rocket. Jiang Huijuan, a retired teacher of the School of Energy and Environment of SEU and the teacher in charge of Hu Xudong’s class, said “Hu Xudong has been engaged in the world-shaking undertaking as an incognito celebrity. As his class teacher, I feel particularly proud of him.” Wang Di, a PhD student enrolled in 2018 by the School of Instrument Science and Engineering enrolled in 2018, said: “We should learn from Xu Xudong’s spirit of enduring special hardship, being particularly capable of fighting, research and dedication; and I’ve been determined to be a promising young man.” Wu Di, an undergraduate student enrolled in 2016 by the School of Energy and Environment, said: “As a junior fellow student of Hu Xudong, I will follow him as an example, confirm my ideal and faith, develop excellent skills, and strive to contribute to the motherland!” Yang Qingyuan, an undergraduate student enrolled in 2018 by the School of Information Science and Engineering, said “Hu Xudong has practiced the school’s motto of‘striving for perfection’. I will follow his perseverance and dedication, lay a solid foundation in my profession, and strive to dedicate my brilliant youth to the motherland.” Shen Xiaoli, an undergraduate student enrolled in 2019 majoring in computer science, said “The aerospace spirit is my belief, which makes me to believe the place far away should be our common choice and we’re always expecting to soar in the universe”.

It is reported that the Long March 5B carrier rocket highlights the greatest carrying capacity among the active rockets in China. Its successful first flight has further established China’s status in the world’s first echelon of launching large carrier rockets and provided important technical accumulation for the development of subsequent heavy carrier rockets. This launch has achieved the success of the first flight mission of the space station and opened the prelude to the “third step” mission of China’s manned spaceflight project.

(Editor-in-charge: Tang Tang, reviewed by: Li Xiaonan)

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