Southeast University National ASIC Center and Its Cooperative Enterprise Jointly Develop Positioning Management Products for Wuhan Shelter Hospitals

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[Southeast University News Network, Feb. 19] (Correspondent: Wu Hanyu) Recently, the National Application-Specific Integrated Circuit System Engineering Technology Research Center (National ASIC Center) affiliated to the School of Electronic Science and Engineering of Southeast University and its cooperative enterprise jointly developed a set of low-power IoT positioning products. Such products have been urgently distributed to Wuhan shelter hospitals right now. Its deployment can realize the real-time positioning and dynamic management of personnel and supplies in the hospital.

This product utilizes the low-power and low-cost IoT beacon and gateway technology as developed by the team of Liu Hao and Huang Cheng from the National ASIC Center of Southeast University (the key technologies have been published in top journals in the field of IoT). The products will be deployed in the shelter hospitals to achieve high-precision real-time positioning of personnel who are wearing positioning tags or the medical equipment with tags. The positioning data will be then transmitted to the cloud platform through the IoT gateway and can be monitored and viewed through multiple channels.

At present, the shelter hospitals deployed in Wuhan are large in scale and receiving a large number of patients, but equipped with fewer medical staff and medical equipment. The integrated installation of this product and its general system will provide a visualized platform for the management of patients, medical staff and medical equipment in the shelter hospitals, which is expected to greatly improve the management efficiency of such hospitals. The system can monitor the real-time position and motion trail of patients in the hospital within the range of their active area, and provide information such as cross-border alarms. It can also count the quantity and distribution of various types of personnel in the hospital in a real-time manner. I case of patient emergency, the one-touch calling is available through the positioning tag as worn. Besides, the product can be utilized to track and manage the medical equipment installed with positioning tags in the hospital, manage the visit area and time of the inspection staff in the hospital.

It is reported that this product research and development team came from the Key Laboratory of Integrated Circuits located at Suzhou Campus of Southeast University, which is affiliated to the National ASIC Center, the School of Electronic Science and Engineering of Southeast University. This product cooperative enterprise: Suzhou Beelinker Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise incubated at the National University Science and Technology Park (Suzhou) of Southeast University. It is a high-tech enterprise of its kind established by Zhou Xiaoming and Wang Wei, graduated from the School of Micro-electronics of SEU with master’s degree.

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