Prof. Li Gongzhen from Wuhan University gave a wonderful speech about “Industry 4.0, Made in Germany and Craftsmanship

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Speaker: Li Gongzhen (renowned historian, professor of the School of History of Wuhan University)

Theme: Industry 4.0, Made in Germany and Craftsmanship

When: 13:30-15:30, Nov. 6 (Wednesday)

Where: Lecture Hall of Chieng-Shiung Wu College of SEU (Jinzhi Building 510)

Hosted by: Chien-shiung Wu College of Southeast University


About the speaker:

Li Gongzhen, Ph.D. in history, professor of the School of History of Wuhan University, doctorial tutor, born in Wuhan on December 28, 1952, a native of Fengshun, Guangdong Province, was enrolled by the School of History of Wuhan University in October 1978. He was then successively awarded the Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral Degrees in History. In 1985, he taught at the Department of History of Wuhan University; in 1988, he served as a lecturer; in 1993, he served as an associate professor; in 1999, he was promoted to professor; and in 2000, he was elected as a doctoral tutor. In 1988 and 2009, he visited Trier University of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Free University of Berlin. At present, he has been concurrently serving China German History Association as Vice Chairman and his main research focuses on German culture and modernization. His main representative works include “The Deutsch Road - Study on the Modernization Process”, “The Exile of Culture - Study on European Knowledge Refugees in the Nazi Era”, “The 13th Lecture on Modern History in Germany - From Weimar Republic to the Third Reich” and “The Deutsch Modernization Process and Deutsch Intellectual Community”. Besides, he has published over 40 academic papers in such important academic periodicals as Historical Research and World History, etc., and translated the book titled “The Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany”. In addition, he has presided over several programs under National Social Science Fund of China and the Humanities and Social Sciences Fund of the Ministry of Education. He has twice won the National Outstanding Achievement Award in Humanities and Social Sciences and the Outstanding Achievement Award in Humanities and Social Sciences of Hubei Province for four times. Thanks to his outstanding teaching achievements, he was awarded the 1st President Award of Outstanding Teaching Contribution of Wuhan University in 2009 and the title of “Moral Model of Hubei Province” in 2010. Professor Li Gongzhen has been long persisting in opening the general course: “Modernization of the University” to the undergraduate students at Wuhan University. This course was appraised as an excellent course by the Ministry of Education in 2011. In addition, he even provided academic guidance for Empire Vicissitudes, one episode of the large-scale CCTV documentary---The Rise of the Great Powers. Moreover, he has been invited by Phoenix TV of Hongkong for several times as special guest forChina Revealed andElite Forum.


Reasons for recommendation:

    Professor Li Gongzhen is a renowned expert of German history and education history in China. He has mastered profound knowledge in studies on German modernization, education history and intellectual history. His courses are popular among students, and he is even known as the “Live Dictionary of Wuhan University”, one of “Three Mostly Talented Scholars of Wuhan University” and one of the “Four Famous Speakers”. As a saying goes among the students of Wuhan University, as a student of Wuhan University, it will be good for nothing if he/she has not attended a class of Teacher Li Gongzhen. In the latest decade, Professor Li Gongzhen has been invited to give lectures at over 20 renowned universities in China including Peking University and Tsinghua University, etc., which have been warmly acclaimed. As early as in 2007, he was appraised as the “Best Professor and the Professor of Red Diamond” at . Since then, he has been always ranked as a charming professor on ****, top 10 most popular professors in Hubei Province and top 100 most popular professors in China.


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