Jiang Caijian, Author of “Bibliography of Chien-Shiung Wu” will give a lecture about “the Scientific Spirit andRealm of Life of Master Chien-Shiung Wu”

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Speaker: Jiang Caijian (a famous Taiwan scholar engaged in science and technology, author of “First Lady Chien-Shiung Wu in Physics”)

Theme: Talking about the realm of a scientist and science from Chien-Shiung Wu’s academic study, research and way of conducting herself  

When: 14:00-16:00, Nov. 7 (Thursday)

Where: Lecture Hall for Lectures on Humanities (J3-105)

Hosted by: Chien-Shiung Wu College of SEU

About the speaker:

Jiang Caijian, a senior scientific and cultural worker, the former editor-in-chief ofChina Times Science, the publisher and editor-in-chief of Knowledge Review, is right now serving the Institute of Journalism, National Taiwan University as an associate professor. He once taught the course of “Positioning and Challenges of Science in Culture” at National Taiwan University, National Central University, Yang Ming University and Fu Jen Catholic University. He wrote the “Interview with Masters”, “First Lady Chien-Shiung Wu in Physics” (ranked as the year's top ten books), “The Beauty of Norms and Symmetry - Biography of Yang Zhenning” (Golden Tripod award). In 2011, he was granted the Award for Outstanding Contribution to Broadcasting in the 3rd Xingyun News Awards for Truth, Kindness and Beauty. In recent years, he pays special attentions to the positioning and significance of science in different cultures.


Reasons for recommendation:

   Mr. Jiang Caijian has been engaged in scientific journalism for many years. He once visited major scientists who have influenced China's scientific development and hold unique insights into the attitudes of Chinese people facing science. His speech will stimulate college students' reorientation and thinking about science. At the same time, Jiang Caijian will truly present the life of Master Chien-Shiung Wu and her epoch-making achievements in physical science with a rigorous and loyal attitude, broad historical vision and profound and detailed description.

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