Upcoming Lecture |Erzhuan (Mike) Zhou| Digital Twin and Its Application in Power Grid Online Analysis

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TitleDigital Twin and Its Application in Power Grid Online Analysis

Time14:00,October 31, 2019 (Thursday)

LocationMeeting room, 2nd floor, Auditorium of Southeast University (Sipailou campus)


The continuous commissioningof UHVDC power transmission projects resulted in closer coupling between AC, sending end, upper power grids and DC, receiving end and lower power grids. The national grid has now become a highly interconnected grid, and disturbances in part of the grid are more likely to spread to the remaining parts. Consequently, thes grid is confronted with operational complexities and security risks that we have never seen before. Therefore, the development of a new generation of online grid analysis tools is needed to help grid dispatchers deal with complexities and risks in regulating and operating the grid.

Ever since 2017, digital twin has been on the list of Gartner’s top ten strategic technology trends listthrough the years. Digital twin is “predictive” and “interrogatory”, and can be applied in the new generation of grid online analysis system. Therefore, in developing the grid online analysis system, we put forward the concept of online analysis digital twin (OADT) and put into effect the OADT software system. This lecture will introduce digital twin and its application in power grid online analysis.

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