Lecture Forecast/Science Popularization Series Lectures (III)---From “The Wandering Earth” to “A Brief History of Universe”

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Speaker: Li Xiangdong (Professor of School of Astronomy & Space Science of Nanjing University)

Theme: from the Wandering Earth to the Brief History of Universe

When: 18:30p.m, May 16, 2019 (Thursday)

Where:Auditorium of lectures on humanities, Jiulonghu Campus, Southeast University (J3-111)

Hosted by: the Academic Affairs Office of Southeast University, the Cultural Quality Education Center of Southeast University

About the speaker:

Li Xiangdong, Professor of the Astronomy Department of Nanjing University, a doctoral tutor, Distinguished Professor of Cheung Kong Scholar under the Ministry of Education, and Director of East China Astronomy and Astrophysics Center, mainly focuses on high energy astrophysics.

Professor Li once presided over projects supported by National Outstanding Youth Science Fund, sub-project of 973 Project and research projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China. He won the First Prize of Science and Technology Progress of the Ministry of Education (1998), the Third Prize of National Prize for Natural Sciences (1999) and the First Prize of Natural Science of State Science and Technology Awards as nominated by the Ministry of Education (2005). In 2007, he was selected as a national candidate for the “New Century Hundreds of Thousands of Talents Project”.

Lecture Introduction:

In the book “A Brief History of the Universe”, Eric elaborates on the contemporary scientific perspectives: there is an intrinsic link between everything, from quarks, quasars to microbes, and human civilization. “People believe that through telescopes, they are not just looking at the stars in the distance, but reviewing the history in fact.” Through telescopes, we can not only see the evolution of stars and the history of the formation of the universe, but also “see” the human history.

In this lecture, Professor Li Xiangdong will access from the film “The Wandering Earth” and use the astronomical knowledge introduced in the course of “A Brief History of the Universe” to discuss with the students why the earth is wandering, how to wander, and where to go. Professor Li will lead everyone to explore the mysterious and unknown universe world, and guide the students to discover the close connection between man and the universe. It is believed that this lecture will enable all students to better understand the development and progress of the cosmology in human history, and to recognize and reconstruct the self-values while thinking about the future of the earth and the universe.

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