Lecture on Vocational Career——Developing Global Youth Leadership for Sustainable Development Goals

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Keynote speaker: Dr. Zu Liangrong

Dr. Zu Liangrong worked at the International Training Center of UN International Labor Organization (Turin City, Italy) as senior project officer of BRICS Technical Projects Department. He graduated from the Business School of University of Nottingham with a Ph.D. in Corporate Management and Beijing Normal University with a Master's Degree in Education Economics.

Dr. Zu Liangrong features the education, research and administrative management experience for over two decades. He once served the Central Government and the United Nations International Organization. During his work at the government department, he was mainly responsible for management and implementation of international cooperation projects, career counseling and employment guidance. Since 1995, Dr. Zu Liangrong has been working at International Training Center of UN International Labor Organization to develop and manage the training projects regarding senior government officials, senior corporate executives, professionals from universities and academic research institutions. Meanwhile, he’s engaged in academic research and teaching affairs in colleges and universities both at home and abroad.

Time: 14:00-15:30, April 4   Address: No. 324 Auditorium, College Students Activity Center

Hosted by: CPC Students’ Affairs Department, Students Office

         CPC Graduate Students’ Affairs Department, the Graduate School

Undertaken by: the Graduate Association, the Students International Organization Development Association 

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