Special Performance Forecast of “Qinhuai in Wind and Rain” by Nanjing Modern Drama Troupe at Southeast University

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The original drama “Qinhuai in Wind and Rain”, funded by National Arts Foundation, was performed by Nanjing Modern Drama Troupe. Upon creation and performance for four years, it has presented a high-quality performance, showing a vivid old Nanjing City. The drama, with greatly characteristic “Qinhuai elements”, tells the story of Huang Mingshan, the big treasurer of the old-fashioned restaurant Fuxingyuan, and a series of stories regarding their customers during the war years from 1927 to 1949.

Performance time: 19:00, March 15

Performance address: Jiaotingbiao Hall, Jiulonghu Campus

Time of taking ticket: 12:00, March 13

Please of taking ticket: Floor 1 Hall, College Students Activity Center

Performance unit: Nanjing Modern Drama Troupe

Hosted by: College Students Art Troupe of Southeast University

        Art Guidance Center of Southeast University

[Director’s description]

When I got the script, I immediately thought of the time when I was still living in Nanjing in the 1950s and 1960s. At that time, life easy and conformable. When walking in the streets and alleys, you can hear the footsteps of people walking on the bluestone road, have a bowl of bean curd jelly at Liufengju for the breakfast with a few pieces of scallion cakes. The taste was really pleasant. This drama just tells the story of a few unimportantpeople who can never be written into the official history, but they stick to their principles in the chaotic world. Although the restaurant was declining day by day, they were always expecting the arrival of the new world and longing for national peace.

The core of this drama is “transformation”, which will be represented from various departments and run through the plots to attract the audiences.

The emotional expression of this drama is not a kind of hysterical, hysterical, but rather tepid, seemingly unintentional but far-reaching, intending to enable the audiences to feel the emotions naturally.

------ Li Jianping, Professor of Shanghai Theatre Academy

[Plot description]

A time-honored restaurant “Fuxingyuan”, located beside Qinhuai River, highlighted beautiful Qinhuai scenery outside the window with full charms of south of Jiangsu Province. The family of Shopkeeper Huang Mingshan and their customers staged a series of stories in the turbulent years, memories of old Nanjing City and old Qinhuai river:

The intricate emotional entanglements between lovers, between fathers and daughters, between brothers and sisters…

Dried salted duck, sauced duck heart, rotten oil duck tongue, scallops, duck liver, crabs and other elegant Nanjing cuisines…

The student costumes in the style of Republic of China, watered gauze cheongsam, military uniforms, gowns, cups and saucers of the old restaurant, antiques for amusement, suitcases for refuge in the war, etc. will be displayed during the drama.

In such an old restaurant, people were always dedicated and sincere while struggling in the hardships; they stuck to their own principles in the chaos of the world and fought with the mighty vitality. They were expecting political peace, harmony and prosperity. “It is the greatest happiness to eat full. 

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