May, 19th Speech: Cultural Confidence and Art Education

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Celebration of the 115th anniversary of Southeast University

Speeches of Chinese and Western Classic Culture


When: 14:30, May 19 (Saturday)

Where: J3-105

Theme: Cultural Confidence and Art Education

Speaker: Professor Zhong Chengxiang (Former vice president of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, professor and dean of Institute of Art of Communication University of China)


About the speaker:

Professor Zhong Chengxiang is the doctoral supervisor and dean of Institute of Art of Communication University of China. He is also the former vice president of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, secretary of the secretariat and researcher. He is also a member of the Central Research Institute of culture and history, convener of Artistic Theory Group of Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, member of the Committee of Art Education of Ministry of Education, chairman of China Literature and Art Critics Association, committee member of School of Humanities of Peking University. He is also the visiting professor of Peking University, Tsinghua University and other universities, and the honorary member of the tenth China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. Professor Zhong has long been engaged in art theory, film and television art research. He has written The Charm of the Flying Goddess Award and the Golden Rooster Award , Scattered Essays of Contemporary Literature, Chinese Contemporary Literary Trends, University Film and Television, Seeking Tao in the Realm of Art and Literature, and Aesthetic Journey. He has also published hundreds of literary criticism and aesthetic papers in many famous and authoritative journals, like Qiushi Journal, Literary Review, Literature and Art Studies, Journal of Beijing Normal University, Peoples Daily, Guangming Daily, Wen Hui Po Newspaper, Journal of Literature and Art, China Art, Film Art, China Television, Contemporary Cinema, Contemporary Television, and Theory and Creation.


Recommend Reason:

Professor Zhong Chengxiang is a well-known literary critic. His monographs are informative,  and focus on evaluating and analyzing, thus most of his works are rational and realistic. His works provide valuable reference for the future construction of film and television art theory and aesthetic system with Chinese characteristics. In recent years, he has been invited to deliver speeches at many prestigious universities. His lectures are passionate and full of academic wisdom and ideas. And they are all widely welcomed by the students and received warm responses. 

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