Running in the Rain: SEU Marathon Attracted More Than 6,000 Students

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On May 21, China University Marathon Series of SEU started at Jiulonghu Campus. To welcome the upcoming June 6, the 114 anniversary of SEU, 6000 Marathon runners were divided into students group, faculty group, group of guests and social group to complete a total distance of about 6.6 km marathon, creating the new record of China University Marathon Series.




The surprise is that the game was not only held on the scene, but also attracted SEU alumni to join online. Alumni from the United States, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Ningbo and other places have been involved in the online marathon. They use a running software to share their performances. The head of General Alumni Association of SEU also said that after the end of the marathon, souvenirs would be sent to alumni who ranked higher in the online marathon.




Although it rained, SEU students’ enthusiasm still escalated. “This should be the last time before I graduate to run in the campus. It’s my youth running in the rain. I love my alma mater.” Lin coming from School of Mechanical Engineering said.




It is reported that this sporting event is the SEU station of China University Marathon Series. A total of 11 universities participated in the event, SEU being the tenth station. In order to celebrate the anniversary of SEU, the organizers specifically printed medals with SEU logo, which was unique among the 11 universities.

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