Southeast University Won Five State National Science and Technology Awards

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On January 9, 2014, Chinas State Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing.As the first complete unit, Southeast university altogether won five State Science and Technology awards, and the prizes number of generic class project ranked third in colleges and universities in the country, at the same time, the prizes number topped the provincial champion and refurbish the colleges and universities’ winning record in Jiangsu.

Among them, the academician, Lv Zhitao,received the first prize of the Science and Technology Advancement Award for their achievements in the key technology innovation and application of modern prestressed concrete structure project, which is a new breakthrough of Southeast University in the first prize of national technological invention, after the You Xiaohu team won the first prizes of the State Technological Innovation Award in 2011. At the same time, this is the only first prize obtained by Jiangsu provincein 2014.

In addition, winning one Second Class Prizes of the State Natural Science Award,one second class prizes of the State Technological Innovation Award,and two Second Class Prizes of Science and Technology Advancement Award, Southeast university hit a history record.

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