SEU Teachers and Students Add “Bricks” for “National Memorial Great Wall”

Publisher:吴婵Release time:2014-11-21Number of Views:1029

December 13th will be the first National Memorial Day in China, which was to mourn for the 300,000 victims in the Nanjing Massacre. Today, the teachers and students in Southeast University held an innovative electronic memorial activity on campus. They invited every passerby to “sweep” the two-dimensional barcodes on their fliers in order to “add a brick” for the “national memorial great wall”.

A lot of students attended the activity and stick on the “Keep history in mind and treasure peace” stickers for their friends.

Southeast University, with a 112-year-old history, has survived the horrible massacre.Qi Kang, a professor in School of Architecture, designed the The Memorial Hall of Victims in Nanjing Massacre with all his time, energy and grief in two decades. He tried to record the brutal event that shocked the world with bricks. And today,hot-blooded youngsters express their mourn for the victims of the massacre and their introspection towards history also through “brick”.

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