A Doctoral Candidate in School of Civil Engineering Reported their Groups Latest Research Results in Journal of Membrane Science

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Xiong Jianglei, a doctoral candidate majoring in Municipal Engineering in School of Civil Engineering published an essay named ??elf-adaptive dynamic membrane module with a high flux and stable operation for the municipal wastewater treatment??in Journal of Membrane Science (Volume 471(2014) Pp308-318) .

A gradual decline of membrane flux or gradual rise of filtration resistance appeared during the dynamic membrane running processes in previous studies, limiting the acceptance of dynamic membrane bioreactor in a wastewater treatment. In this study, they designed a special tubular membrane module, which can be self-adaptive according to the dynamic membrane filtration process, to gain a sustainable stable flux and enhance the backwashing effect. The comparison among different membrane modules in submerged bioreactor and the performance of the self-adaptive module in recirculated bioreactor were investigated. A pilot scale test lasting for 12 months was conducted to evaluate the long-term applicability of the self-adaptive membrane module. The results demonstrated that the self-adaptive structure had a beneficial effect on the formation and backwashing of the dynamic membrane. The formation time of dynamic membrane was much shorter than the flat module and the average turbidity of effluent was excellent. The self-adaptive membrane module had the longest stable operation time, up to 72.3 h when operated in submerged bioreactor, much larger than other membrane modules. When operated in 60 L/m2 h in recirculated dynamic membrane bioreactor, the stable operation time reached up to 480.3 h, due to the uniform flow field and effective impulse backwashing. The effluent concentrations of COD, TP, NH3-N and SS as well the turbidity in the pilot scale test were similar to or even below the values achieved in the wastewater treatment plants.

The Journal of Membrane Science provides a focal point for academic and industrial chemists, chemical engineers, materials scientists, and membranologists working on membrane systems. It is one of the most influential journals in field of water science and engineering with the impact factor up to 4.908. The publishing of this article also embodies the acceptance from international peers towards the 13 years??research results of the dynamic membrane research group leading by Professor Fu Dafang.

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